Specific to your model and size.
Your Tailored Protection Kit has the highest available coverage on the market thanks to our proprietary design process. Kits are tight to extremities with seams narrow and strategically located.

How it works?

If your bike isn’t already on our vast database, we will use our bespoke technology to scan your entire bike allowing for a completely tailored kit to be produced.

Our expert fitters then use the tailored kit to protect your bike. Matte or Gloss finishes are available and the result is near invisible.

The Benefits

A Tailored Protection™ kit protects up to 95% of your road bike’s frame and fork. The protection kit will help keep your ride looking fresh for the lifetime of the bike. The road debris that can kick up off the tire in front of you will not be able to chip the paint on your frame. The odd time you end up on a gravel road, Leave the fears of chain slap in the past.

The rare multi-rider collisions in group rides leave riders and bikes scarred. These crashes can be less scary if your bike’s protected with RideWrap Tailored Protection™ road kits. The knowledge that your bike is less likely to incur damage as you go down can reduce the sting of the crash. The bike protection allows you to worry about yourself rather than the bike.

Bike frame protection has many benefits, in addition to the prevention of cable rub, scuffs, scratches, and damage from road debris. The added value of RideWrap for road bikes is in the intricacies. No matter the bike fit or frame material RideWrap Tailored Protection™ can protect the resale value of your road bike. The protective film will keep the frame looking brand new, while heel rub on the chainstays will only affect the protective film. RideWrap can keep your bike looking new, protecting your investment allowing you to enjoy your bike for longer before looking to trade up. Furthermore, having RideWrap on your drop bar bike can save you time when cleaning your bike. The hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, and road grime keeping the bike cleaner and making the wash process quicker.


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