Physiological Fitness Testing

Words by Prologue Cycling

on 18/06/2019 14:45:38


Want to get faster, fitter and stronger on the bike? At Prologue Performance Cycling we offer physiological performance testing services.

Whether it’s smashing your next sportive or simply owning an epic climb, our physiological testing will help you understand your current fitness level, carve out a pathway towards your goals and help to uncover what you can really achieve.

Fitness testing including V02 max, blood lactate profiling, body composition analysis, heart rate training zones and much more…

Full body composition analysis £40

Through the use of bioelectrical impedance and skin fold caliper testing we carry out a body composition analysis to identify your body composition, including percentage body fat and lean muscle mass. This helps you as a cyclist or athlete to target the ideal weight at which you’ll perform to your best.

Sub-maximal lactate profiling £90

Sub-maximal lactate profiling identifies your key training intensity zones: power and heart rate. These training zones are based on two important blood lactate thresholds. Train in the correct training zones – and at the right intensity – will ensure you maximise your gains and ditch any junk miles.

Sub-maximal lactate – 3 part £120

In addition to sub-maximal profiling, this test also offers full body composition analysis. The fitness testing results are followed up with a consultation to produce bespoke training guidance and a training program based on your physiology and time availability.

VO2 max and full respiratory profile £150

This is a maximal exertion test to identify key performance measures such as VO2 max. Vo2 max highlights your body’s maximal aerobic capacity. We use this in conjunction with your respiratory thresholds, ECG trace and training direction to optimise your training effect.

Maximal aerobic – 3 part £200

A full maximal aerobic test includes VO2 max, full respiratory profile testing, body composition analysis, training guidance consultation and a bespoke training program to ensure your training is as effective and efficient as possible.

Full testing – 4 part £240

This is the test for individuals who really want to make the most their training time. Full fitness testing removes all the guess work and ensures every interval session or hour in the saddle counts. This session is the best means of getting a full and highly accurate picture of your current fitness level and how to move it forwards. A full fitness test includes body composition analysis, VO2max, full respiratory profiling and sub-maximal blood profiling. This is followed up with a training guidance consultation and a coming bespoke training program is then constructed (typically 12-16 weeks depending on your current state).

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